Delta Libra is an international trading company whose passion and creativity puts it ahead of the field in turning its clients' ideas into products that sell..

We set up our office in Asia a number of years ago to make sure we have maximum control over the entire production process and stated delivery times. Our staff there are in constant contact with producers, and provide guidance where necessary. This means we can guarantee our high standards.

Every product and collection we sell has been produced specifically for us, and we have managed how it's been imported. Our cost-efficient company structure and experienced employees mean we are able to offer added value even to large, renowned companies. Our services include collecting, building and choosing products, sourcing, buying and production management.

Many of our products have travelled a long way before arriving at their destination. But a significant number have come from places closer to home. This combination strengthens our range and makes our position unique.

It's crucial our products are produced without exploitation or in undesirable conditions. Our people are vigilant about this when they visit factories. The way we work gives our clients what they need time and time again. We deliver what our clients want on time so they can best serve their customers.

Using us for your imports means that you free up time to do other things.