Any individual product or complete collection that we supply can be sold under our brand labels. For example, home decoration products can be sold under the HOOMstyle® or Silverdunes® labels, and removal and storage products can be sold under the Pack and Protect® or Rack and Store® labels.

However, we collect and produce items for a great many of our clients' own labels. Choosing which label to sell under depends on market forces, business interests and consumer perception. In either case, we can ensure smooth product development, production and delivery. And we can take charge, if desired, of the entire process, from drawing table to shop display. And we will do this for a single product or an entire collection.

We focus primarily on the middle segment of the international retail market. There are also a number of private brand labels that use our services that belong to companies at the forefront of the home and living sector. We are truly proud to work for clients such as these.