Delta Libra's roots lie in the creation of off-the-shelf concepts for our clients' storage racks. One of our most successful concepts is the removal products' rack. These include various types of removal boxes, bubble wrap, removal blankets and many other items. We supply both large retailers at home and abroad, and professional clearance, storage and removal companies.

While our large purchasing volumes and independence from factories mean we can put the best-priced products on the market, our top priorities remain high quality and reliability of supply.

Choosing the right combination of products is essential to being able to offer the right removal racks. We need market knowledge, intimate product knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the entire production chain required for each individual product. These days, sustainability and environmentally friendly products are also important. All the cardboard we produce is 100% FSC certified.

Recognition and clarity on the racks is important for many of our clients. One way of achieving this is for them to sell our products under their own names. Behind the scenes, we control the entire production processes, stock management, delivery and uniformity of the label. The products can be delivered centralised or decentralised depending on our clients' requirements.

Some of our removal concepts have been our clients' most successful shop concepts for years. We constantly strive to improve and extend our product ranges so we can further strengthen our position as market leader.